Golden Oldies

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"Egg" CreamNew England Style; a type of “soda” without the extra ice cream.$3.29

Apple CaramelApple Pie with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream & topped with Caramel.$6.49

Bodacious Banana SplitYour choice of three flavors of ice cream & three toppings.$7.99

Brown CowCola, Chocolate Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream.$4.29
Brownie Fudge SundaeChewy Fudge Brownie topped with scoop of Vanilla ice cream, Hot Fudge, Whipped Topping and nuts.$7.29

Cherry PhosphatesWith or without the “Zing”, your choice.$2.99

Chocolate CherryCherry Pie with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream & Topped with Hot Fudge$6.49
Fountain Soda PopYour choice of soda with an addition of either Cherry, Chocolate, or Vanilla syrup for an additional 29 cents.$2.59

Fresh Squeezed Limeades/LemonadesWith plain or carbonated water.$2.99

Fried Peach SundaeFried peach slices served in a boat with a scoop of ice cream drizzled with caramel syrup topped with whipped cream and a cherry.$6.99
Frosty FloatsOne scoop of ice cream in a chilled mug with Root Beer, Cola, or your favorite soda!$4.29

Homemade Cinnamon RollsHomemade Cinnamon rolls with homemade buttercream frosting.$5.29
Irresistible Ice CreamOne or two scoops of ice cream with your choice of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry$1.79

Irresistible Ice Cream ConeOne, two, or three scoops of ice cream with your choice of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry in a cone$1.89

Marvie MaltsThese gave us our “notorious” reputation … and this made it “worse.” A malt is a shake with malt powder added.$6.59

Orange FizzOrange Sherbert bathed in seltzer with whipped topping & a cherry.$4.99


Pink LemonadeReal Sippin’ Goodness!$2.99
Splendid ShakesThese gave us our “notorious” reputation. Made with hand dipped and spun premium tillamook ice cream.$6.29

Super SundaesHot Fudge, Hershey’s Chocolate, Crushed Strawberries, Caramel, Crushed Pineapple or Marshmallow. A canopy of Whipped Topping crowned with a Cherry. Crushed Nuts or Toasted Coconut on request.$2.99

Swell SodasFor sippin’ & spoonin’$4.29