A La Carte

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Bacon Strips$2.79

Bagel 'n Cream Cheese$4.99
Baked Potato$2.49
Biscuits 'n Gravy$3.29

Broccoli and Cauliflower$2.49
Cottage Cheese$2.49
Creamy Cole Slaw$2.49
English Muffin$2.49
French Fries$2.49
Fried Apples$2.49
Fried Corn Meal Mush$2.49
Fried Okra$2.49
Hash Browns$2.49
Homemade Potato Chips$4.29
Jello Fruit Salad$2.49
Quaker Oats Bowl$3.89
Quaker Oats Cup$2.89
Sauces, Dips & GravyRanch Dressing, 1000 Island Dressing, Blue Cheese Dressing, French Dressing, Italian Dressing, Creamy Italian Dressing, BBQ Sauce, Housemade Salsa, Cream Gravy, Sausage Gravy, Turkey Gravy, Brown Gravy, Honey Mustard$1.19

Sausage Gravy$1.19
Sausage Links$2.79

Sausage Patties$2.79

Side of Hominy Grits$2.49

Tater "Jims"$2.49
Three Dollar Pancakes$2.49
Toast 'n Jelly$2.49

Vegetable of the Day$2.49
Whipped Potatoes$2.49